Sunday, November 16, 2008

Embracing the Ordinary

It's a fine gray cold Sunday morning. I visited my husband's church yesterday, (we are of two different faith's) so I felt like ditching attendance at my own church this morning in favor of breakfast and reading the paper.

The paper has been skimmed through, I logged on to the big www to read my favorite blogs and blog hop, one of my favorite past times, although one I seldom have time for anymore. Time and energy eludes me anymore, don't know how, just does.

Blogworld is a large variety of differences and sometimes a large variety of commonality (all those "mommy blogs" whew!) I read some, and then click on their blog roll and hop around.
Leaning back in my large comfy leather office chair ( a sweet purchase for my husband on our anniversary - we love it!) I sip my comforting coffee, glance at the gloomy sky as it appears over my backyard and enjoy the moment. No phones, no work, no conversation. I hop up and pour some 2% milk over a fibrous cereal with raisins. Each crispy sweet scoop combined with milk is blissfully enjoyed as it slides down my throat. HOLD THE PHONE JETHRO - this is ordinary stuff here. The newspaper, the lazy morning, the cereal, coffee and the view. And yet it seems bliss?

Maybe that is why I enjoy blogging so much, maybe that is why I love to skip hop onto the next cleverly named blog and eavesdrop into the live of another, there are so many people in flux, with comprehensive challenges that in comparison to the bland makings of my morning, seem even more challenging and more a whirl.

My life is boring now, so much more than the years when I was raising a family. But this ease in challenges has it's own flux and madness. Today's just not one of 'em. And this I am grateful for.

Today, I'm going to revel in the ordinary, embrace it's clean lines and lack of sorrow. I've read many blogs of sorrow, of joblessness, lack of direction, of confusion and anger, (lots of anger out there, no surprise, y'all do know that anger is a precursor to depression right???? Deal with anger, and your life becomes a tad more manageable.) Lot's of blogs with mommy ideals, consumed in perhaps the greatest single most important "job" a person ever has. Parenthood. It does consume you - but should not define you. Take that one apart and envelope it you mommy newbies. These small wonders that have been entrusted to you are yours only to mold and teach. Then if you've done that right, they are ready to be on their own (which does not include even a string like "cord" connecting them to you in their adult years) Hard one that one.

The wind is kicking up a cold front here making the warmth of the coffee mug more inviting with each sip. My toes are cold so the blog entry has a time limit.

I'm going to enjoy my ordinary day today. My daughter and I will trot ourselves into the retail world to plot our holiday purchases and enjoy each other's company. Then perhaps I'll make a pot of soup or chicken and noodles for my husband and I. Tuck in for some rest and Sunday T.V before the busy week begins. Extraordinarily ordinary huh?


Dianna said...

That was just so comforting to read~so *in your head* and wonderfully comforting. (possible? ;)
I have no idea what ordinary is these days. I crave it...I think. It sounds so blissful.
Thanks for saying that Mommyhood shouldn't define you. Too often we aren't meant to think that.

Susan said...

I love "ordinary" days. My best ones are sitting in my huge comfy chair in front of the fire, reading something, which is exactly what I did yesterday. I need more of those.

I've found some of my favorite blogs by exploring other people's favorites. That's how I found yours!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Dianna, I hope I didn't sound preachy. I was a real "absorbed" Mommy during my kid's toddlers phase, and maybe in thier grade school years, but I paid for it later. My mother used to tell me to "raise children with one arm holding them close to you and one arm pushing them away". Sound advice, but also while you are doing that keep up with current events, hobbies etc. to make sure you remain a well rounded woman.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great day to me! I love ordinary. I'm boring like that.

My Wonderful Men said...

Sunday was cold and a good day for chicken noodle soup.
Sounds like a wonderful "ordinary" Sunday.

Robin said...

I have also learned that "ordinary" is a comforting, good thing. Excitement feels more like chaos and stress to me these days. Good post!

My Wonderful Men said...

Hey where have you been?