Thursday, September 11, 2008

As The Channel Turns

I’m Baaack…did you guys miss me while I was gone? I’ve been a little under the weather it’s true. Started last Saturday with the sore throat and sniffles, and wiped me out on Sunday with fever, body aches and full blown head cold. Today being Thursday, I’m on the road to a mucous free life and whoa…I get slammed with a migraine. (Did I mention it being the MOTHER of migraines?) I thought my dark migraine history was over or at least stunted by my onset of menopause or OLD AGE, but I was proven wrong today.

While I was laid up in my Lazy Boy, complete with sweat pants, comfy blankie and a Nyquil buzz I spent the afternoon channel surfing. Moving my thumb over the remote’s channel button took up all the energy that my aching body could exude, and I was basically disappointed with the weekends television picks. I normally love bad T.V. There, I’ve said it. I can be judgy, I can opinionate myself into oblivion with bad T.V. It doesn’t move me to get up and dance, exercise, clean/organize my home, cook or makeover my kitchen or girlfriends. I got stuck watching Jon and Kate and their brood of energy packed cuteness, flipping the channel back and forth, forth and back between A Crime Story. Note to self: Never let home decor become so out dated, so drab and messy that I might actually be
A. Driven to murder
B. Suspected of murder
C. Be murdered.
Seriously, have you ever noticed in a crime scene photo, everything is so messy, the furnishings so outdated, pillows don’t match, beds are unmade, dishes are strewn everywhere, it’s a sign of mur-der. Red rum, red rum, red rum. I always knew there was a reason to keep a tidy house, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Looks better in crime scene photos.

Ok, after my fifth consecutive CSI episode, I flipped over to TLC, expecting Kate and her sassiness or Clinton and Stacey to show me the fashion “don’ts”, but no way, I got a newer show. It’s Kids by the Dozen, featuring the Winter family.

Drawn out of my snot filled coma of antihistamines, my eyes wide with reality disbelief, this family has 11 or so kids, their family is supported by dad who is a musician and mom runs a daycare inside of their home. In reality show fashion, each character tells an unseen camera person their “take” on the situation. The mom, tells why they are all dressed so weirdly. (think cult style Little House on the Prairie meets Amish) She tells, “we started to dress plain a few years ago, we live near an Amish community and we just like the plain way of life”. She tells this, as she’s using a curling iron to curl her hair. It’s not like they were going to BE Amish, they just like to dress like them. Weird, not the eleven kid part, because that was joyful and entertaining, but the kinda-dressing-Amish these-days-attitude. I was glad to be well, back to work and DANG, I’m waiting for that new fall season!

Have you seen the trailers for the new show with Simon Baker called the Mentalist? OOOHHH baby, he’s on my list! Something has to replace the now cancelled vampire hotness that was Moonlight. That guy was HOT. Seems like I just start developing a crush and they cancel the series. Hope that isn’t an automatic cancel now that I’ve voiced my desire to watch the Mentalist. (check it out!) Enough of my t.v. ramblings, seriously, I ‘d like to hear about the garbage that you’ve become entranced by.


Lisa said...

Friday nights we all watch Monk and Psych, and then hubby and I watch House. The kids favorite show is Untamed and Uncut on Animall Planet and Ace of Cakes of the Food Network. I like Jon and Kate because they live close to where I grew up. When I hear certain "accents" or they go certain places I've been or know of, it's a little like seeing "home." Other than that, they just need to spank some of those kids!

Robin said...

I have recently become a Jon & Kate plus 8 fan. Brad cannot stand it, all those cute little ankle biters running amuk. I think I like it because it makes one little sweetie seem like a breeze!
I also get lured into what not to wear far too much lately too. I used to watch in horror at the secret footage, wondering who could let themself go like that. And now? I am guilty of fashion sin each and every day and don't really care.
And your take on bad decor turning crime scene? To funny.
So yes, I did miss you!
feel better

Mimi's Toes said...

Feel better soon. I am a big Jon & Kate Plus 8 fan, but the one twin girl needs her jaws boxed every now and then. She has a smart mouth and she is even mean to some of the little ones by pushing them every now and then. I also like watching Little people big world. I miss the old shows when I was growing up, like the Carol Burnett show. I love to watch the cooking channel with Paula Deen. Have a great weekend.

Dianna said...

The only shows we watch are HOUSE and THE OFFICE. We are boring...:(

My Wonderful Men said...

Hope you are finally feeling better!