Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Notice: I'm Still Alive!!!

Hello people! Surprised that I took time out of my busy life to blog? Yeah, me too.

Mom update for those of you who follow. Mom’s doing SO much better in assisted living, but she wants to go home. She has gotten healthier and has had more socialization than she has had in 5 years! She looks as though she’s stepped back about 5 years in time too. She’s going to Bingo, going to church, showering herself and taking back some of the independence she has lost over the year or so. But, she cannot go home. She would slide right back to eating toast and sleeping in a chair ALL day without the structure of assisted living.

I’ve listed her house with a realtor and we’ve been going through all her stuff getting it ready for a garage sale and finding comfortable homes for some things. HUGE time suck for me. Hence the stagnant blog space here at RWS. Keep me in your prayers, as this life change for my mom has been hard on her and she’s not the happiest person – but she has all new apartment sized furniture and we’re making her apartment really nice.

Now on to another topic. Ponder this.

I drive a rural route to work each day to avoid the highway that runs parallel. The rural road is scattered with homes, farmer’s fields and some wooded patches. It’s about a 10 mile stretch, and very pleasant driving. There are no sidewalks people. Actually, I pass very little signs of life – except the deer that dart out and squirrels and such.
So, I pass a little dip in the road where there is a cluster of homes on my left and a corn field on my right, and a road sign that says, “Caution, Blind person in the area”.

? {blink} {blink}

So, who is this for really? If a person who isn’t blind wanders onto the road, I’m not going to hit them if at all possible. If a blind person led by a cane and a seeing eye dog wanders out of the corn field…still swerving here!
Should the blind be driving?
Should I turn up my radio so they can hear me coming?
Is this a Hipaa violation?

Just so you all know, if I ever have any type of handicap, I really don’t want the road department to put up a yellow sign pointing me out. Don’t get me wrong – I understand the need for a sign that says, Slow down children at Play, Slow down, handicapped child in the area, Deer Crossing, Icy when Wet, School Bus May Suddenly Stop, etc.

But seriously? Blind Person In the Area? That seems a little TMI.

Hope your Wednesday is Wonderful! Watch out for the Blind!


Adam said...

How about the slow children at play ones. Do they really need to specify that the children are mentally handicapped?

JackeeG4glamorous said...

@ Adam: LOL!

Susan said...

LOL! This reminds me of when my friend (who has a very dry sense of humor) came to visit me and while we were driving on the highway she spotted a billboard for a local window covering warehouse outlet. She didn't miss a beat and said, "Oh, how nice. The Blind have their own Factory here." (The Blind Factory) I cracked up.

I'm glad to hear that your mom is doing so well at her new place! That must take a load off your mind. Sorry you have to deal with the whole disposing of her things. We will have to do that someday with my in-laws' stuff. OMG! It will take us months...they have SO much stuff.

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