Friday, June 11, 2010


  • It’s been awhile since I posted such randomness as a Fun Fact Friday – so I thought I’d give it a gander. Bear with my randomness.

    *I have a smidge of poison ivy – where I contacted that I’ll never know. It’s a few tiny dots, much like the period at the end of this sentence. Makes me itch like a crazed maniac that tiny little speck.
    *Does anyone miss regular old fashioned handsets to telephones? The size alone is better for tucking under your chin/shoulder for multi-tasking during the conversation. The tiny new phones are more apt to “chin hang up” and dropping into sink or toilet, don’t ya think?
    *A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a blog that featured a talented card-maker, and she had a giveaway contest. I won! This wonderfully talented creator can be found here. Stop by and visit her will you?
    *I’m irked to no end this week with stupid human tricks. Hence I’m in my office with the door shut. Shielding the people. All people, from my irked wrath.
    *This weekend I am hosting a baby shower for my eldest daughter – first baby, truly a miracle. I’m probably just as excited as she is. If not more.
    *Can I go home now?
    *I need to up date this blogs “places I wander” list. Much of the bloggers I used to read have ceased blogging. I’m finding that more and more, it’s probably related to lurking and non-commenters.
    *I am a lover of all comments. Except for those in spam or non English speaking. I do not speak Japanese. Just thought you all should make note.
    *No vacation plans in the works for this summer. Really. Although I could use an adventure.
    *Any suggestions?
    *I’m ending the randomness now – so you can dash out and read other blogs that haven’t been updated in nearly a month or so.
    *Wait that’s me.


Bacardi Mama said...

We are in the same boat with the lack of vacations this summer. I could use an adventure.

Robin said...

Thanks for your comment on Micah's birthday are So Right....sooo very excited for Sarah (and you!!!)

Susan said...

Loved your stream-of-consciousness thoughts. Someday I'm going to do that, if I ever have more than two thoughts to report! HA!

Yes, bring back regular handsets! My neck's getting a crick in it.

Carbon Based said...

Oregon, sheesh!