Monday, December 7, 2009

And Now, Another H1N1 Unwanted Update...

Have you just about "had it" with H1N1 and the media? I know I have. While getting ready for my day, I was watching the morning news. The newscaster gave the update that while H1N1 cases are reportedly leveling out, we still need to keep taking precautions!

So, continue washing your hands guys.

Oh, and continue covering your mouths when you cough or sneeze so your germy mucous doesn't fly all over the room. Cause, seriously, most often we just don't.

Just sayin.


Susan said...

Wonder how much the drug companies are paying the media to push the vaccine? We didn't take it and never will. Common sense, people, common sense.

I always sneeze into my shirt. It's a lot easier than bending the arm up and faster, too!

Ji said...

you have very different or unique logic in words and thinking, which makes reading your articles very interesting!

thank you for the knowledge!