Friday, September 18, 2009

Good News! and some Really Random crap.

Good news folks! I'm not dead!
It's beens so long since I posted (august 26th? what is that about?)

But sad to say....Patrick Swayze, RIP. Mary Travers from Peter, Paul and Mary....Gone but not Forgotten. and you know they say that deaths come in 3's, well, now I'm on a watch. Who will it be next?
Husband inserted here, says doesn't Ted Kennedy count? I think the time gap puts him with some other threesome, but well, I'm not the expert on this phenom and I could of course be wrong. Anyone with thoughts here?

More good news. I am happy to report that I have now lost 22 lbs! Yes, all the whining I did last year, about my inability to lose even 5 lbs. to get into a dress for a wedding makes me crazy at myself. I didn't want to admit I was helpless to lose weight on my own. Helpless is key here. Anytime I've thought that I really didn't want to "admit" something, I've consistently been "helpless" to do something. When I choose to look at all possibilities and admit my vulnerabilities, I'm much, much more successful at attaining my goal. This has applied in all aspects of my life. Must be a life lesson. Hmph.
Losing the weight drops me down a few WONDERFUL sizes, clothes feel better, I feel better and life is great. I'm more prone to exercise, because I feel better. I'm giving random 20 minutes here and there to use my eliptical machine and Hey, exercise is exercise! Seems to work.
*I made so much fun of Weight Watchers, but folks, it works, it's easy, and if you stick with it, it easily becomes a way of life and the pounds fall off. Enough said. If you are reading this, and toying with a few extra pounds, investigate it. You will be surprised at how easy it is, and how attainable your goals will be. And, it does give you grins at how cliche it is, makes you feel like you are part of a wicked inside joke.

Hey, any of you looking at your crappy co-workers now and wondering if you too will be subject to work place violence? After reading the account of the poor lab researcher who was strangled by her lab techy guy co-worker at makes me raise a brow at some of my Not So Friendly sorts at the work place.
I'm just saying. Can't be too cautious. Seriously, put that syringe down I say.

Another thing that makes me shudder. Kenye West. (ohhh, did I spell it wrong? I'm fearful of this clown with a microphone, who may interrupt this blog because of it)
What the hell? I've never seen someone so full of himself and so utterly crazy all at the same time. Shame on any of you who promotes this jackass.
Speaking of jackasses, anyone hear of any news on Jon of the former "and Kate Plus Eight" news? I don't care too much what else is said, but he's an ass.
Next season on Survivor: Jon Gosselin and Kenye West. Yeah, now that'd be entertainment.

This is my birthday weekend. I'd like to thank the networks - all for airing your season premieres in this next week! Like a present to Jackee nearly Every. Night. Thank You! (add a smiley here)

Well, that's all folks, all the time I'm allowed in my busy schedule, which is really one of the main reasons why I've not posted. That and the media deluge of H1N1 news that has our patient's and the medical profession trying to calm them in a controlled frenzy. Here's what I say to all of you. Wash Your Hands. Don't go out if you think you are sick. Drink plenty of water and take care of yourself.
oh, and get a flu shot. M'kay?


Susan said...

Glad you're still among the living, Jackee!

I guess Henry Gibson is the third! He was so sweet on Laugh-In.

Congratulations! Really...hooray for you! You must look like a different person. You'll have to post some new pics so we can see!

I say Jon and Kenye(love it) on Ultimate Fight Championship! Mess up their pretty little faces....well, I personally don't think Jon is pretty...actually kinda homely IMO.

Happy Birthday! Wasn't that nice of the networks to honor you that way!

Bacardi Mama said...

Wow, congratulations on the weight loss!! That is great. I'm still plugging along, but at least it is coming off. Slow, but sure! Happy, happy birthday. Hope it's a fun weekend for you.

Robin said...

You crack me up!

Congrats on the weight loss...WW is great! I am finally at pre-baby weight myself (now I just need to drop the excess 20 I was carrying around before!)


Dianna said...

Woo hooo!!! Go on with your bad *ss skinny self! Way to go!

LOVED this crack me